News: December 19th, 2019 - Bright Eyes / In This Mouth

I can't even begin to tell you what this release means to me, I would talk forever. And I would want to talk to you in person. But one thing I would like to introduce is my love for production you might not have been aware of. Apart from singing and writing I love making intuitve decisions about music, from the heart and from the gut, crafting and chiseling away on a song and revealing it's essence. I am incredibly proud of having co-produced this beautiful music with Anoushka. And I am so happy it is now out there. More to come, so keep you ears peeled ;) I have included some of Anoushka's beautiful words on her beautiful release. Huge congratulations my dear friend. And I am so honored to be a part of your world.

Find it here.

Speaking of the tracks, Anoushka says:

“’Bright Eyes’ was initially written a couple of years ago at a very raw and painful time in my life. Musically, I love how on one level it’s a straightforward love song, but the instrumentation belies the form and involves sitar and ghatam along with piano and upright bass.

It has been incredibly nurturing getting to work with Alev. This was a truly ego-free collaboration involving friendship, shared life experiences, and creative sessions squeezed in between school runs over many cups of tea. Alev is a gorgeous singer with an unusual voice, plus she’s a very encouraging co-writer and co-producer.

‘In This Mouth’ is a song very close to my heart. It’s a love letter, a poem, a beckoning, a prayer. In the middle of the song Alev and I move away from her lead vocal rhythm and go into a Vedic chant-style melodic refrain, turning earthy desire into something exalted and holy.”

Offical multisingle artwork by Azeema Nur

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