• We see the word alma matter written multiple times filling the entire area in neon green all capps, sometimes letters are filled sometimes only the outline one hte words in neon green creating a pattern on neon green stripes

    Alma Mater At The Almeida

    I am thrilled to announce my first work for Theater is coming soon. Please make sure to come check out Alma Mater at the Almeida Theater in London this Summer:

  • We see circles and lines criss crossing with black marker pen over a yellowish paper , where they cross the areas enclosed are colored in with the black marker,

    mini album out today!

    The album was crafted between Jas's and my respective homes in Munich, London, and Kent over the …
  • Alev and Jas are on the beach, leanging on a wooden fence the sea and pebble beach visible behind them. Alev looks to the left and laughs, wearing a clue shimmering dress atop a flowery long armed mesh top with big earrings, three hearts dangling on top of each other and a pearl. Jas laughs too and faces the camera with a black short sleeved shirt with a pocket with also flowers on it.

    Second Single Alev & Jas

    Our second single 'A World Beyond' (photo by Laura Lewis) is out now and we had some wonderful press. Thank you all so much for the support!

  • an aquarell painting of flowers, mainly red upon green. abstact shapes, not realistic, spikey flowers, with pencil outlines, above written with green paint is The Garden

    New music out today

    Dear reader, Thank you for coming to my website and choosing this method of communication, without …
  • Five young singer crouch infront of a white board with quotes on it , all over, quotes from songs they sang this season. Thei are showing thumbs up and smiling.

    Composer in Residence

    I am deeply honoured to be the among the first two ever composers in residence for the Brooklyn …
  • We see a large image of a planet on a screen in the background of the stage at Milton Court and the eight singers from Roomful Of Teeth sitting in front of it on chairs with indivisual mic stands and mics.

    Reviews !

    I am so happy I was able to attend and even sing again with Roomful Of Teeth. Thank you to the …
  • 2023-09-15

    My work at The Barbican!

    And in some more surreal news- Roomful Of Teeth are performing the 7 Planets we worked on at Mass …
  • 2023-09-14

    Truth is told, not fed

    Never EVER would I have dreamt that my words would be heard at the UN, but... here we are! I am …
  • 2023-08-03

    Fall Into Me(s) by "Roomful Of Teeth"

    I am sure by now that you have heard my song "Fall Into Me" or its album version "Splendid …
  • On a bright yellow background we see the red and purple outlines of a circle, which looks like a record from above with a needle on it, and we see an image of Alev Lenz in profile, heart in flames earring visible. She sit on a chair her legs over the arms rest, looking out to the left. Her hand rest on a tuning fork , the walls behind her are wood panelled and light green and we see the edges of two paintings on the wall. Her dress is a mix of patters with red flowers and a beige tartan print. In blue letters we see the information 2023 New member class, in the name of of music, the logo of the recording academy with the name and #iamthecademy

    2023 New member Class

    Big photo reveal for this occasion which is that I have joined countless creators and professionals who serve, celebrate, and advocate in the name of Music year-round. It's an honour to be part of this year's new Recording Academy member class!
    The photo is of course by none another than the brilliant Anja Schütz!