• October 8th, 2019

    3 is OUT NOW!

    '3' is HERE, my third album is finally OUT! It arrived September 27th, 2019 and I had to let it all sink in for a moment... phew!! Tadaaaa Front, Gatefold and Back : I can not tell you how happy I am to see this album out in the world, let alone with my brushstrokes on it. The artwork is part of a larger painting I made and the incredible Aspa Founti spent days with my art and zoomed and cropped and did her magic miracle work to find just the right part for the album cover and the gatefold. It is ...
  • August 27th, 2019

    Marcus Duran

    Hello again! Thank you for checking in! You might have noticed a few new press shot popping up?! You have not? Check the Gallery for a couple. They are all from a photoshoot I did with the wonderful photographer Marcus Duran. We spoke about my album '3', our lives and music over several weeks and then went into the photo studio together mid this year. We had in mind to create some press shots for my album, but to mainly capture Marcus' visual response to the issues and concerns in my music. He created some beautiful imagery to accompany ...
  • August 25th, 2019

    Pre-Order '3'

    Oh hello! You might have read about this already and seen it on my socials, but I wanted to add some extra information for everyone who makes his way here :) Thank you! Releasing this album was an exciting journey, as it is with every album, but to arrive at this unique product, an album (12" blue !!) with a sampling library (WHOHOO) - and to be the first to do so for Spitfire Audio's new label SA Recordings - is amazing! YAY! So Spitfire Audio, SA Recordings and me bring you an exclusive library featuring 20 original patches along side the album! Made ...
  • July 19th, 2019

    Read and Listen to the Radio

    Hello hello! So I wanted to first of all say I LOVE RADIO! And I have a few nice bits for you; one transcript from an interview I did earlier this month in Munich for the BR PULS (german only, sorry!) . I was so pleased to be invited in, as Munich is home it is very special to be shown appreciation and interest for one's creation. Also, earlier this year I was in NYC for the world premiere of some of my pieces with the Brookly Youth Chorus for the Ecstatic Music Festival curated by John Schaefer / WNYC New Sounds. ...
  • June 25th, 2019

    May the Angels OUT NOW

    Finally ! You can stream the first single from my upcoming album '3' and download it here ! It has been an incredible journey up to this point and I am so excited that the releasing of my next album has officially begun! I really had hoped for another placement of one of my songs to picture, as that makes me truely happy. There is nothing as good as picture and sound, so you can only image how excited I was when I sent the DARK Team my music and 'May the Angels' became the sound to their incredible pictures. Especially ...
  • April 26th, 2019

    The Great Escape

    Very pleased to be added to the line-up of The Great Escape! I will sing with singers from the London Contemporary Voices . It is so exciting to be sharing the songs from my third album with all these amaying choruses, it is such an exciting time. 3 is coming to life in the most wonderful ways. I feel so honored and full of joy. There more news yet to come and my heart sings with all the blossoms of spring to be able to share my music with you in all these many many ways, like I dreamed and had hoped ...
  • April 12th, 2019

    UK Album Premiere Performance!

    SA Recordings will host the UK premiere performance of my forthcoming album ‘3’, featuring Roomful of Teeth. This will be a unique opportunity to hear my album performed by Roomful of Teeth and me of course ;) in its entirety prior to the LP release via SA later this year. Guest list ticket info will be released via both mine and the SA mailing list. So sign up asap to ge the info first! Head to ! Thank you and see you soon!
  • March 13th, 2019

    And so it begins ... 1, 2 and 3!

    I had trust in that spring would bring the burst of buds I was hoping for - and it really did. Trusting and lying fallow was hard and new. I covered myself with snow (literally!) and waited for spring. Now, I couldn't be more excited. I know that this year my album '3', my third album will be released. The first time for it's songs to be played live is next week! And I could not have wished for a better start. It will be in New York City at the Kaufmann Music Center With the incredible Grammy award-winning ...
  • December 25th, 2018

    Im Kino! In Cinemas Now!

    Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays, whatever you might celebrate. Today is the day this lovely german movie "Der Junge muss an die frisch Luft" (only in german! sorry!) sees it's cinema release. I have again had the pleasure to work with Oscar-Winning director de force, Caroline Link and have overdubbed the singing parts of the female lead. I am at awe how Caroline works and what she is able to get out of people, namely ME ;) It is a pleasure to hear myself on the big screen and not notice in the slightest. Now, we have done this before ...
  • December 7th, 2018

    First Radio Play

    Well HELLO HELLO! My song 'May The Angels' got it's first radio play, before it is even released! How wonderful, especially to come from New York (see below;). It is like receiving a love letter from a good old friend from across the ocean. As many of you know, New York and the pure musical energy pouring out of it meant a great deal to me and the city had big impact on me and my career. So this is JUST lovely. SO this WORLD PREMIERE is on WNYC New Sounds by John Schaefer. Tonight's show airs in NY at 11...