News: February 17th, 2020 - Downhill out now

Another thing out now ;)! Yes, I have been singing a pleenty. Downhill, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferell, is the first Hollyood movie I was able to lend my voice to! I spend a few days in the studio with Volker Bertelsmann aka Hauschka, whom I have known for many years with musically intertwind paths (Samuli Kosminen for example! The genius who graces my second album and many of Hauschka's) and experimented with my vocals. Shoutout to Dashon Burton from Roomful of Teeth for my yodeling crash course while he was on a short visit to Munich to see my family and me ;) ! Thanks! Stream the OST here. I hope you enjoy the music, my favourite scene and music is "Restroom"!


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