News: November 23rd, 2018 - New Webpage

I am delighted to see you here. Thank you for your visit!
This is my brand-new website and I am so proud of it! Thank you to Alvaro Vinagre for this brilliant brainchild.

I hope you are enjoying it too. I love most about it that it won't place cookies :D Well and I LOVE that it incorporates a little of my artwork for my new, just finished, yet unreleased and unsigned album "3". You can hear a tiny bit when you scratch the BLACK...

I am currently busy getting the album on it's way out, finding the right team, prepairing extras to go along (please sign up for the newsletter to hear about it, it's going to be GOOD), planning and rehearsing the live show and so ooooonnnn... I hope I can give you some happy news with a relase date soon(ish) (again, sign up ;)).

And if you have received an envelope, that means - for your consideration. So do let me know if you like this stuff ;)

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