News: August 25th, 2019 - Pre-Order '3'

Oh hello!

You might have read about this already and seen it on my socials, but I wanted to add some extra information for everyone who makes his way here :) Thank you! Releasing this album was an exciting journey, as it is with every album, but to arrive at this unique product, an album (12" blue !!) with a sampling library (WHOHOO) - and to be the first to do so for Spitfire Audio's new label SA Recordings - is amazing!


So Spitfire Audio, SA Recordings and me bring you an exclusive library featuring 20 original patches along side the album! Made up of my main compositional tools - my voice, piano and experimental electronics - and an interactive album element.
And you can pre-order THE BUNDLE here! It features the sample library, a limited edition 12 inch gatefold vinyl and digital album download. Plus the first 100 bundle orders will include signed a copy of the vinyl!

And now a little extra info on the sample libary by me!

Paint Pot and Soil, to plant your ideas.

I wanted to dig into the album with the sample library. And it is now not only colors to dip your hands in, but also part of the fertile ground this album grew on. I really hope you will be able to take this way further than I took my album, because you have the whole pallett, layed out on a keyboard for you with the magic making of Spitfire Audio in combination with me unpacking my brains and aesthetics with them.

The development of samples moves me towards inspiration. That’s why I also really wanted long and changing samples in this library. Made from my compostions, but to go futher than my compostions.

I recently did a score where I used parts of my sounds and voice, re-worked them, modulated them, distorted them and pitched them. They led me places I wouldn’t have gone just by envisioning it. I hope these sounds will get you motivated to go on a painting spree. To take the paintbrush, to get your hands in and plant new strange seeds.

Making this library was quite the journey for myself too. Back into my creative process, but also deep dive into the question what the core of creative work is. What of the soul are we able to capture or even want to capture? What human essence can be delivered through a sample and on which way?

I thought it would be a much more technical journey but I was a philisophical one. As a singer and an album artist, both of what I do comes literally from withing myself, so how do you sample humanity? And would you want to?

I tried perfectionism, I tried internalizing the machine and oh my… that wore me out. I am not a machine, as hard as I try. But up against my sheer computing powers, through this journey of making a sampling library, I discovered my essence of my writing yet again! And with it the album, again!

I started picking apart what the soul of this album is. After I had figured out what I wanted to give, what I could give and what the interesting and important bold colors I used to underline my musical point of view are, I was over the moon to have such a fantastic team at Spitfire Audio, to meet me with such enthusiasm, excatly where I was. On this quest of delivering artistic essence and voice, voice as in “made with my voice and from my voice” BUT ALSO meaning my asthetic, subjective voice. I hope that the library will be used as inspiration, liberation in expression and for layering and emphasizing. It is for enthusiasts. As a celebration of ideas and of the sheer joy that come with using your own voice with shared artistic tools and colors.


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