News: July 14th, 2020 - The Old Guard - Out Now

The Old Guard movie is out since Friday on Netflix since and the score is out now too! Find it here:

This recording will forever be special to me.
Because this remote recording happened during lockdown, when I really wasn't feeling any music. I was trying to mainly process what was happening, like most of us.

But music is who I am and loosing touch with myself would have been unhealthy. But sometimes just nothing comes from inside of you - I am still mainly taking in the great changes we are all currently facing - and that's when you need your community to stay yourself... luckily Volker Bertelsmann (aka Hauschka) once again thought of me when he needed vocals.

This blockbuster features a choir and all the female voices you can hear, from alto to high soprano, is me. I listened to he final cue's and it all sounds gorgeous together, it blends wonderfully and to me is also partly a new sound of 2020. We all record differently now. I labored away at home, remotely recording far from my studio in London, not with my usual equipment, but with my usual self and a musical colleague I couldn't be more grateful for.

I am proud of this accomplishment that was only possible because if trust , mutual respect and willigness to make it work for one another. Thank you Volker!

I am immensely proud of what for me was an effort to stay connected to my true self in a very challenging setting.

I will take all these wonderful lessons with me into my next projects. Stay tuned ;) xx

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