Alev Lenz is a is a German-Turkish singer, songwriter, composer and producer.
Lenz’s rich catalogue of compositions fuse distinctive musical worlds into something that is authentically hers - compelling songs for both record and screen.

Back in 2009 Alev released her debut album Storytelling Piano Playing Fräulein, which showcased her talent as a singer-songwriter. Through her sophomore record Two-Headed Girl, co-produced with acclaimed drummer Samuli Kosminen, Alev continued to explore her diverse set of influences, from European classical to experimental electronics.

While working on material for her latest LP ‘3’, Alev Lenz composed her breakthrough track 'Fall Into Me' for Charlie Brooker’s Netflix series 'Black Mirror'. Alev’s single ‘May the Angels’ from ‘3’ featured on season two of critically-acclaimed Netflix series ‘Dark’. The series features songs from Peter Gabriel, Agnes Obel and Apparat, with a score composed by Ben Frost. ‘Splendid Soldiers’, Fall Into Me’s Album version, has also been featured on the third season of ‘The Rain’ (Netflix).

Since 'Fall Into Me', her voice and writing have been in steady demand. Alev recently worked on her debut feature film score, a commissioned piece for Grammy-award winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus and contributing vocals to Volker Bertelmann's score for the US-drama 'Downhill' and Netflix-blockbuster 'The Old Guard'. As well as her work as a composer, Alev has been working in close collaboration with Anoushka Shankar, featuring on her Grammy-nominated album ‘Land of Gold’ as well as writing and co-producing for Anoushka Shankar's EP 'Love Letters' which culminated in three sold out shows with Shankar at London’s Southbank Centre in December 2019 and a Grammy-nomination for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards in 2020.

Lenz’s latest solo album ‘3’ was released on SA Recordings in September 2019. The record is comprised of 12 songs which are predominantly carried by voice alone and exhibit the artist’s courage to push the tonal palette of pop music into risky and truthful directions. The twelve compositions are bound by Alev’s authentic voice and her rich choral arrangements as sung by Grammy-Award winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth. The intricately crafted compositions evoke a primal, almost prayer-like sensibility, whilst also addressing patriarchal oppression and the subsequent heartbreak and disorientation that it leaves in its wake. In our hyper-modern world, burdened as it is with 'content' and constant distractions, Alev’s deeply personal sonic experience offers a contemplative and refreshing alternative.

Released on the label arm of music tech company Spitfire Audio, alongside the album release, there is a 20 patch Alev Lenz - ‘3’ sample library, the first in the acclaimed music tech company’s whole new series of artist-led sample libraries - making Alev Lenz’ ‘3’ the unique standard bearer for this approach. Lenz’s library features an interactive album element as well as unique sounds inspired by her work as a composer.

Awards & Nominations:
2020 Love Letters GRAMMY Nomination (role: producer, songwriter, vocalist, musician, engineer)
2017 Land Of Gold GRAMMY Nomination (role: songwriter, vocalist)