News: November 6th, 2020 - Bandcamp Friday - Philharmonie Spotlight

Hi all! I thought to celebrate Bandcamp Friday today I would like to spotlight another brilliant concert venue within Germany where I had the honour to play in 2012 (whhaaaaat??! time flies) as today sadly I won't get to play at Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with Anoushka as planned...

Please head to Bandcamp today who are waving their fees each first Friday of the month to support artist during this pandemic for a sweet little collection of live recordings from my concert at the Philharmonie in Munich.
Four songs are from my album Two-Headed Girl which went through various stages of instrumentation until it found it's shape in co-production with the wonderful Samuli Kosminen who is also the drummer on the album recording, released in 2016.
I captured the vairous stages of the songs in four little videos I clevery ;) names visual live Demos in 2011... I thought it was a brilliant idea to release a visual album / send to visual demos to label and then BOOM Beyonce did it in 2013 with a slightly higher production value and I kind thought I'll leave it to her :D...

But some of them are still on YouTube! Well - click for the vid! did best; that live version even made in to the cinema in to the highest grossing german movie of the year !
I actually found my little info text on my visual live demos !! Here you go:)

*Music -- Why hear a video? VISUAL LIVE DEMOS of my newest songs -- recorded live, filmed and mixed at The Premises, London -- released on my website! Trying to find the right partners to get my music out to people who will like it, I came up with this unique concept. Showcasing my music and my aesthetic and audible vision in real-time and with a perfect sound set-up, you get an idea of what I want to get across. It feels like the most compelling and uncompromising way of promoting my music and artistry! Sharing my artistic vision -- to find out what it takes to make it happen, to tour and to release my second full-length album -- rather than throwing one more finished product into the vast universe of unheard demo piles, I am up for another life-changing experiment! All 4 Songs recorded live, filmed and mixed on 2 days at The Premises, London. Engineered by Jason Howes, filmed and edited by Jan Urbanowski, Stephanie Tasker and William Samson. Played by Aicha Djidjelli on drums, Harry Deacon on bass, Stevie Wyatt on guitar and me on vocals and piano. All songs written, arranged and produced by me. All rights reserved. Many many thanks to everyone at The Premises, you were incredibly kind, welcoming and helpful!*****

And three songs are from my debut album Storytelling Piano Playing Fräulein from 2009!

The wonderful people I shared the stage with are Aicha Djidjelli on drums, Harry Deacon on bass (you can hear him on all my albums ;)), Stevie Wyatt on guitar and Werner Klemm on Cello!
The beautiful shot was taken by my long time visual collaborater Kaapo Kamu.

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