News: October 12th, 2020 - Behind The Song

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WOW... it has been a little over a year now since '3' was released. Thank you all for the ride :)

Along with it my sample library at Spitfire Audio came out too. It has been an incredible journey from finding the right label (how? Coming soon ;)) to making the record come alive physically and the sounds of the sample libary to emerge.
We've heard a lot about all that already so now I also wanted to share a little something called "Behind the Song" with you - alongside the illustrations I made during the inception of the album (you will find them also in the pages of the just released sheet music to all the a capella pieces from '3' ).

Yes, there are the watercolors too , well remembered ;)... while some of those became the album and single artwork, these little square stories are floating around on their own - well there is also a longer story to them which I shall share soon! Thank you for the love for '3'.

  1. Splendid Soldiers
    This one was of course inspired by Black Mirror as I write it to picture, as the male lure into destruction.
  1. I am Winter
    I am Winter is Splendid Solider’s Sister song, the female lure into destruction.
  1. Pieces
    I was in pieces when I wrote this song, the most heartbroken I have ever been and in deep grief.
  1. May The Angels
    Letting go of the idea that if I only give enough I might receive some love from someone who is empty.
  1. The Chair
    This song is me consequently breaking up with the system.
  1. Cigarettes & Blow
    Berlin life, Berlin love. I moved!
  1. Laura
    A love not to all friends with open arms and open wounds.
  1. The Runner
    The inspiration behind this song was feeling unwanted, unseen and undervalued by the busy, righteous runners along Regent’s Canal in London, who dashed past me and my pram with anger in their bones.
  1. Fishermen
    A chant for rebel children.
  1. Aimee Mann
    I was reading “What the Grandchildren Should Know” by Mark Oliver Everett and he describes Aimee Mann as a wonderful friend in the songwriting quest. I hummed a melody in those days and formed this song about the uncertainties I was feeling as a human, me as a songwriter, trying my luck, trying to make is somewhere else but home - the most natural of human journeys. And the song forever kept it’s working title.
  1. It’s Been A While
    A daily diary, sung.
  1. After Every Winter Must Come Spring
    I was at a gong bath with a friend and these chimes were used after the session. Since this album, and the particular life span I wrote it in, was so deep and dark but healing for me, I wanted it to close like a deep cleanse. So we’ll be ready and fresh for the New.
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