News: October 25th, 2020 - Elbphilharmonie! Love Letters!

OHHH... how I miss Anoushka and London!

At least Anoushka I get to see very soon, early November when we will play at the incredible Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.
As I am currently back in Germany I can safely drive up to Hamburg and sing again! I am really happy I will get to see my community again and perform and also see live music. It really leaves a hole in my heart and soul... I know in yours too. So hope to see some of you there!

BISHI is also playing who released a wonderful track "Don't Shoot the Messenger" just a few days ago. I joined her interview the producer Tony Visconti (who produce the track with her) - rewatch here - and it was such a pleasure to listen to the chat and it sparked , yet again, the producer flame in me. I really LOVE producing records. I am currently finishing another EP with an artist I will soon share with you.
And of course producing Love Letters with Anoushka was absolute heaven.

This little write up was in my drafts folder and went unfinnished and unpublished... but I thought I will post it anyhow... to sad not to!
The Show is now cancelled or actually postponed. I really hug you all tight in this particulary difficult week. And really everyday and every week.

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