News: February 4th, 2022 - Excuse The Mess Release (get for BandCamp Friday?!)

And right away starting with (a) new tune(s). Well, technically this isn't new, this piece of music was conceived in 2019, aired on my birthday in 2020 ! As part of the Excuse the Mess Podcast, which is now being released as as a digital download and limited edition book featuring interview extracts/quotes from podcast episodes,photos from the sessions, risograph print, album download and moreā€¦

There are multiple source to get it from ( additional info here ), today I will suggest to have a look at Bandcamp as it is also bandcamp Fiday!

Excuse the mess is a music podcast with a twist - alongside your bread and butter artist interviews each guest takes on the challenge of writing a brand new piece of music on the fly, in the room and with excuse the mess host, Ben Corrigan.
They follow three rules (limitations are liberating!):

  1. There can be no preplanning, it is spontaneous music making.
  2. The track must be finished the same day.
  3. Only one instrument can be used as a sound source but there can be electronic manipulations of it.


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