News: January 13th, 2021 - Holding Up The Ladder - Money Talks! Bonus Episode

I joined Honey Onile-Ere, Sam Campbell & Shruti Kumar for this special bonus episode of Holding up the Ladder hosted by Matshidiso, focused on money and the music industry!

"We talk about how to navigate the vastly complex and amorphous world of the music industry and how to do it as women and also women of colour. We talk about how to self advocate, how to negotiate, how knowing your value has a direct impact on the price you place on your work. We talk about allies and creating strong networks. We talk about the role that art generally and music more specifically plays in society - how do we quantify the value of music, not the person making the music but the music itself? We talk about the importance of protecting and therefore valuing the arts at a governmental level, how this impacts the value we place on artists and how all of this connects to money."

  • Matshidiso

Guests: Alev Lenz, Honey Onile-Ere, Sam Campbell & Shruti Kumar

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