News: 2022-04-07 - Im Nachtlicht OUT TODAY!

water, a black to brownish tint, light reflections on the water, light rays to the bottom left. White text with glitch on the lower half, central reads ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK above the movie’s title IM NACHTLICHT and underneath MUSIC BY ALEV LENZ

Whooo this is very exciting! My very first feature lenght score is OUT TODAY! It is called 'Im Nachtlicht', just like the motion picture by writer/director Misha L. Kreuz. This is my first release of 2022 - a quite delayed one I might add , as the pandemic pushed the theatrical release of the film for over 1 ½ years.

Along with the movies's theatrical release and the soundtrack release today I also had the ABSOLUTE pleasure to welcome to life the 'Im Nachtlicht' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack visuverse. I'll get to that in a bit.

As you know I regularly write songs to picture, synch songs and sing for film. So I was very excited when this opportunity presented itself to score an independent film, with freedom to experiment and endless budget (lol only joking ;). I had been hoping for a cinematic project exactly like this one - to use mainly my voice to score!
The director wanted an organic score and loved my vocal sketches, but also had a very distinct reference score, which was composed on the Synclavier. Of course I then had to use this glorious synth and - given the ref score was a movie from the 80ies - I thought what a perfect chance to add in my very own Roland TR909 - which I played live to image. The evil folks didn’t get a melody. Have a listen here on your favourite platform!

Enough about the music, now to the visual world! What lies before you here is a densely packed Visuverse, my score set to its very own images by Moritz Mayerhofer. His goal was to create atmospheric mini-stories using only one visual motive per song. Created in a mix of 2d digital paintings and 3d animation he said he the visuals should mirror the mesmerizing somber sounds of my music (thanks Moritz;) ) to draw the viewer into another, darker world.

And who is Moritz you might ask? Well, not only did we go to school together, graduated together - but we also filmed very first shortfilms together during that time ;)! Wheee !! It was such a pleasure to work together again since the 90ies ;) He is also an award winning director of animated films and visual artist. Together with his team at studioNICE he specialized on project development, concept art and animation. His work can be found in a variety of projects ranging from film to TV, VR and Illustration.


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