News: 2022-04-12 - Milky Way is OUT TODAY!

A collage of different images, most prominent in the middle a New York traffic light on it's head, we can read half the street sign saying WAY on it's head - cut out letters M I L K Y on top of the rest of the street sign creating the album name Milky Way. To the right we see tiles with animals to the left part of a flower and diamonds, the edges of the images colored with purple paint. There is glitter all across the image and a starry night image to the back.

‘Milky Way’ is here!!!!

This record was born out of the search for healing and friendship, kinship and joy. A friend, Violeta Vicci, sensed my yearning and offered her healing instrument and writing. Together Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus were born. Soon after my friends closest to me, especially during the pandemic, offered their generous spirit and talent. The stars aligned and Mercury was written with Nina Harries, Mars and Venus with Aisling Brouwer and Neptune with Shruti Kumar. Through joyful exchanges, the album title and our little slogan

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in concert pitch anymore!”

formed and now ‘Milky Way’ holds all these thoughtful pieces, written on the 7 planetary frequencies outside of concert pitch. Honoring the planets of our solar system, traveling alongside us here on earth. 'Milky Way' is held together with loving gravitational forces completing our solar system like the sun and moon, with Mastering by Katie Tavini and mix by Jas Shaw. Fittingly to be released on the International Day of Human Space Flight on April 12th - also the day Jupiter will form a conjunction with Neptune, they won't join forces again in our lifetime.

Find the songs here: and on Bandcamp:

Mercury written by Alev Lenz and Nina Harries
Mars and Venus written by Alev Lenz and Aisling Brouwer
Jupiter, Saturn and uranus written by Alev Lenz and Violeta Vicci
Neptune written by Alev Lenz and Shruti Kumar. Produced and engineered by all of the aforementioned

Mixed by Jas Shaw and Mastered by Katie Tavini
Gefördert durch NEUSTART KULTUR und der GVL.

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