News: November 2nd, 2022 - New Profile Pic!

We see Alev lying on the floor with her hairs spread out and tuning forks arranged like a sun dial around her head, on top of her hair. She smiles a gentle smile, wearing a checkered and flower patterned blouse. The floor is white, it is a white quilt but barely noticable as such.

Maybe you have already seen that I shared a brand new picture :D it is also in my about section and of course in the gallery. The fantastic Anja Sch├╝tz took it this summer in Massachusetts, in North Adams to be exact. The tuning forks are the forks Roomful Of Teeth have used for their rendition of 7 Planets - based on my choral arragements for Milky Way. I got them from the wonderful Fritz at !
He is also from Munich, something I didn't know when researching where I might find tuning forks "out of tune" and was pleasently suprised about this seredipidous coincidence!

I am working on a few more pieces that will include some "off" frequencies - watch this space ;) xx

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