News: December 18th, 2020 - New Single "Rise" out now!

A colorful collage with different elements, most prominent a comic tyle eye in the top left corner with a tear rolling down anxiously looking to the left, a start, a theater sign, an electrical tower in a mountain scenery with hand drawn wires across the collage. A dark blue photo of a plant, a woman looking to the right out of a window it seems, layered with more flowers. A depiction of horses and angels in the cloud below her.

Hi all!

I am so so sooooo excited to be releasing new music today to end the year with. It is my little wave goodbye to a very challenging 2020 and all the lessons learned.

My new single out TODAY is called "Rise" and is released via my label extraordinaire SA Recordings, available exclusively on Bandcamp! Click here to get straight to the music!

Thank you for being here and reading my content, without cookies and tracking. Just us :)

I wrote 'Rise' in a great moment of confusion while the pandemic unfolded early this year. Everything familiar disappeared overnight - at least the framework I previously thought I had - although that framework is pretty made up in the first place.

What else do we really have other than the energy and love we emit and infuse into the future? What else other than our soul’s pure joy will remain, when we rise? The entire track was recorded at home using just my voice and five sample libraries.

And I had the honour of working again with my long time collaborator Jas Shaw for mixing and Guy Davie for mastering!

The cover art is one of my collages I made earlier this year, like for the Bandcamp Only release of "If I Could Turn Back Time" this June.
Please enjoy and have a happy new year 2021!

Apart from connecting with me here I also want to let you know about the other ways in which to interact in 2021:
I do have IG as you know and will update little bits on there about what I am working on for 2021 - but I also really enjoy my YouTube Community, so do subscribe for new posts from me every first Friday of the month.
I change my artist picks on Spotify regularly, every second Tuesday of the month!
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Well and OF COURSE Bandcamp, if you already follow me you know - the news of the releases reach you first!

Lots of love and goodbye 2020! xx

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