News: October 16th, 2020 - New Song 'Hope' Out Today!

Hello Hello!
Oh well... Sherdian asked me to think about the future when he asked me to contribute to his next album. I never envisioned the situation we are currently in. Although we probably should have known... But HOPE and all that it means to me is still very much current... Have a look below for a bit more info on the song!

Find the whole album called 2068 here !

In Sherdian's words: ‘Hope (feat. Alev Lenz)’ by IN-IS

I remember watching an episode of Black Mirror a few years ago (with a score by Martin Phipps) and in the final scene, this distinctive female voice played out the last moments on screen, the impact was just incredible, the vocalist and songwriter was the remarkable Alev Lenz.

Via my agent Ruby Wasmuth I invited Alev to my live IN-IS performance in Hackney in late 2016, which was the start of a wonderful collaboration which resulted in the single ‘Hope’.

Alev has a studio fairly close to mine and she would write and record all her vocals there, then meet up in my studio to talk about the track. I know the lyrics she wrote for this piece mean a lot to her, she is an exceptional artist.

Thank you Alev for everything and great to hang with you these last few years both in London and Munich x

'Hope' you like it ;) xx Alev

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