News: 2021-09-28 - Spark - Library Competition!

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my album ‘3’ SA are launching a brand new library competition series! The first edition of the competition is entitled ‘Spark’, a name inspired by one of my library patches ‘Longing For Your Spark’. Head to for all the information you'll need to enter!

We are asking you, the SA community, to submit your own composition using the Alev Lenz ‘3’ sample library. The sample library is a collection of 21 evolving drones, haunting vocals and textural beds, bursting with invention. If you don’t already own it, you can get the sample library here

A panel of judges - SA Recordings, my label mate Hainbach and me will select a winner and two runners up!

It was thrilling and exciting to create the first SA library with Spitfire, in fact the first library in conjunction with an artist’s album! Ever since I have been getting absolutely lovely emails, tweets and DMs about the library itself and the work created with it. The library brought a lot of people to my music - but also a lot of people’s music to me! Longing for your SPARK ;)!

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