News: 2021-11-02 - We-wa-winner!!

On a blue background a graphic of 3 overlapping opaque circles sits in the centre. In the middle of the circles the background changes to red - like a flame. Above the graphic is black text reads: ‘Brian Spooner, Winner’ . Below the graphic also in black reads: ‘Dorothy Shrödinger, runner up’ (to the left) Thibault Quillet, runner up’ (to the right)

We have a WINNER for the SPARK competition!

Thank you so much Brian for your entry and inspiring piece! Hainbach and I had a long evening of listening and picked a winner and two runner ups. The winning track is already up, as part of the prize, on the Spitfire Audio Product Page of my Library! Have a listen here

Thank you as well Thibault and Dorothy! And thank you everyone who submitted music! And of course my team at SA Recordings for making this all possible and, if I may add, look brilliant!

It is so special to have these competitions and get to hear your music. It is an honor that you send me your work to listen to, I cherish and I truly appreciate every single note.

If you want to listen to all three entires, head to SoundCloud here and let me know your thoughts!


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