News: 2022-12-04 - WNYC New Sound Interview with live music!

This is such a special show for me, please have a listen!
John Schaefer has been a supporter for the longest time and I am so grateful for his artistry and craft of looking for new music, joining the dots and bringing people together. I feel very honoured to have his support and this most recent, our second interview to date, really filled my heart with joy. He is an exquisite radio host, one of the rare kind. Listen to everything he does ;) And I got to play live ! First, an extra special performance of "Fall Into Me" with my dear friend Vana Gierig on piano with me.

And theeeeeen, after a little piano rendition of Cigarettes & Blow (listen below to hear it!), one of my newest songs, yet unreleased and really in the birth canal (again, listen to whole interview for reference ;)) for my fourth album coming ...sometimeeeeeeee ... eeeehhhhmmm... next year? Watch this space for news.

It is always very exciting to show work in progress, something I also did with this song this summer with the wonderful Roomful Of Teeth at MassMOCA. I was one of the (very happy and honored) composers they had invited for their residency this summer and the gorgeous "end of residency" show is about work in progress. I performed this song, with Thann Scoggin on guitar! Let's see what ends up on record ;)

Please make sure to listen ot the FULL interview here:

I promise it is worth it, I enjoyed it so much and it is very special to me. Thank you John for my full hour and your support for my work.

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