• A collage of different images, most prominent in the middle a New York traffic light on it's head, we can read half the street sign saying WAY on it's head - cut out letters M I L K Y on top of the rest of the street sign creating the album name Milky Way. To the right we see tiles with animals to the left part of a flower and diamonds, the edges of the images colored with purple paint. There is glitter all across the image and a starry night image to the back.

    Milky Way is OUT TODAY!

    ‘Milky Way’ is here!!!! This record was born out of the search for healing and friendship, kinship …
  • water, a black to brownish tint, light reflections on the water, light rays to the bottom left. White text with glitch on the lower half, central reads ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK above the movie’s title IM NACHTLICHT and underneath MUSIC BY ALEV LENZ

    Im Nachtlicht OUT TODAY!

    Whooo this is very exciting! My very first feature lenght score is OUT TODAY! It is called 'Im …
  • 2022-04-02

    World Soundtrack Academy

    Thanks so much to the World Soundtrack Academy for welcoming me into their international community of composers for screen and film music industry professionals! Check out my profile here!

  • An aerial shot of three fully dressed people lying on a bed forming a trianhle, above it the title

    Funeral For A Dog

    My song 'Pieces' from my album '3' is in this! It was very meaningful how director Barbara Albert placed the song in her episodes and a pleasure to get to work together again after her 2012 film "The Dead and The Living". Watch and listen to 'Pieces' here and find the series 'Funeral For A Dog' here. Read more for the direct video access and a lovely scan of...

  • 2022-03-09

    Collaborations Break the Ice

    Hi all!
    Last week, Against The Ice was released on Netlfix and you can hear my vocals on it. I have worked with Volker quite a bit over the recent years and recently made a little playlist called Collaborations make the Heart Grow Fonder to collect some of the work - with Volker and more wonderful colleagues. Enjoy!

  • 2022-02-04

    Excuse The Mess Release (get for BandCamp Friday?!)

    And right away starting with (a) new tune(s). Well, technically this isn't new, this piece of music …
  • 2022-02-01

    Happy New Lunar (And Solar) Year!

    Welcome into 2022 and the year of the Tiger. May we all experience some ease this year, some relief and joy.

    Would you like to watch some music back from Krakow Film Music Festival? This was my very first trip abraod since 2020 and my first concert (in the audience ;)) - it wasn't unitl November 2021 until I was singing on stage again - with lots of people! A first social gathering, a treal reat for the soul. I wish for more of this again.

    You can watch the wonderful Suite from Black Mirror (written by Martin Phipps of course) which includes a rendition of my song "Fall Into me" too for a free and easy sign up here. Enjoy!

  • On a blue background a graphic of 3 overlapping opaque circles sits in the centre. In the middle of the circles the background changes to red - like a flame. Above the graphic is black text reads: ‘Brian Spooner, Winner’ . Below the graphic also in black reads: ‘Dorothy Shrödinger, runner up’ (to the left) Thibault Quillet, runner up’ (to the right)


    We have a WINNER for the SPARK competition!

    Thank you so much Brian for your entry and inspiring piece! Hainbach and I had a long evening of listening and picked a winner and two runner ups. The winning track is already up, as part of the prize, on the Spitfire Audio Product Page of my Library! to have a listen, click read more ;)

  • 2021-09-28

    Spark - Library Competition!

    To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my album ‘3’ SA are launching a brand new library competition series! The first edition of the competition is entitled ‘Spark’, a name inspired by one of my library patches ‘Longing For Your Spark’. Head to for all the information you'll need to enter!